When we are faced with traumatic experiences in our lives, we often don’t know where to turn or what the next step should be. DIVORCE can be one of the most overwhelming experiences of our lives. DGAP is for every man and every woman who are asking themselves “what now”.


You might be contemplating divorce, have been served (summons) or threatened by a spouse, are going through a divorce, or just have never properly healed or moved on from a divorce/separation in the past. Maybe you are the one divorcing your partner and you want to give this as a gift to them on their road to healing.


Let us stand in the (Da) Gap for you between your current life and the one that you are on your way of building. Your story is not over. Sometimes the most painful endings can blossom into the most beautiful beginnings.


We believe in the holistic approach of dealing with trauma. Divorce should be broken down and segmented into the facets of our lives that it influences – which is everything. Then it should be conquered, step by step, bit by bit. It might feel like a mountain in front of you now, but you won’t believe what you are able to achieve in 12 weeks. We also believe that no two individuals’ journey to healing is the same which is why we take a personalized approach to your plan and an holistic approach to your healing.

DGAP process: (How does it work?)


  1. First consultation, more or less 1 hour.
    We discuss your situation and your story
    This might be in person or over Skype/Online


  1. We decide on your personalized 12 week program and plan which we also give to you.
  2. 12 week program which consists of week-by-week consultations and catch ups
    You will get homework to do every week and we will determine what our next steps will be.
    Your assigned mentor is also available 24/7 to help you through your grieving processes.
  3. During the 12 weeks you are also invited to month to month support groups with other individuals that are going through the same trauma.
  4. We determine your needs around children pickups, career planning, meals needed, counselling, legal advise needed which will form part of your plan.  If children are involved we can also look at interim parenting plans and agreements to make sure that the whole family experiences a healthy environment to heal.
  5. The 12 weeks include holistic support around practical assets of your life (such as budgeting, finances, taxes, time management) as well as the spiritual and emotional aspects


  1. This is graduation! At this point we will determine if further assistance is needed. As a DGAP client you can attend support groups indefinitely
We determine (with you) what your future steps are