DGAP is a mother daughter team who both experienced the painful loss of divorce and walked the road to healing. They have various qualifications in counselling, coaching and mediation and registered with the necessary national and international associations.

DGAP’s holistic approach means integrated 360 degree partnerships with legal teams, lawyers, nutritionist, counselors, physiologists, trauma specialists and all professionals that offer a healthy input for complete personal growth and healing.

Petro Wells has a degree in Marketing Communication and is the founder of the Internationally acclaimed Good Night Child Sleep consultancy. She has a passion for empowering woman and believes in second chances. She has been nominated for the Woman of the Year award and was runner up in the Sage Small Business awards. Her first-hand experience of having gone through a divorce, being a child of divorce and her degrees in communication and mediation makes her an empathetic listener. She lives in Centurion with her blended family and four children and is as Social Justice qualified Mediator.

Hilda Kriel collectively have 8 children that has taught her first hand what it feels like to have your heart walk outside of your body.  She has been a director of national institutions but found her passion in leadership, counselling and life coaching. With more than 30 years’ experience and having also walked the road of divorce and what it means to be a single parent she brings immeasurable wisdom and an unjudgmental approach to all clients.


Guiding You to Healing

Petro Portrait

Petro Wells

Hilda Portrait

Hilda Kriel