DGAP is about creating a healthy eco-system for families to flourish amongst the difficult and traumatic experience of separation, divorce and family break ups. We believe in taking an holistic approach to family’s healing, collaboration, co-parenting and personal growth.


Whether you need help steering conversations around a settlement or parenting plan, or need an unbiased third party to assist with rebuilding relationship with your previous spouse, or just simply need help with the vast array of emotions and logistical changes – we will help you take your next step.


It is hard communicating and negotiating on important matters like children and finances whilst you have friends and family with various opinions as well. If the break up also involves a divorce, it can be overwhelming and tough to understand the divorce process especially within the South African legal system.


When we are faced with traumatic experiences in our lives, we often don’t know where to turn or what the next step should be. DIVORCE can be one of the most overwhelming experiences of our lives. DGAP is for every man and every woman who are asking themselves “what now”.

DGAP is Your Next Step

The first consultation are free. Give us an hour of your time – we promise you won’t regret it. What do you have to lose? Let’s talk through your story. In fact, research shows that talking about our trauma and admitting it to others and ourselves are healing. We will also give you a free gift to set you off on your journey whether you decide to complete a process with us or not.